Quality Military Campaign Desk

Quality Military Campaign Desk

Code: 4355


W: 67cm (26.4")H: 115cm (45.3")D: 34cm (13.4")

£745.00 Approx $1004.04, €887.96

Here we have a superb quality military campaign desk on it's original stand, the hinged top opens and allows the front desk to drop down revealing a sumptuous interior with several deep drawers with original ivorian name plaques and a central document compartment, the insode of the lid is red leather and has document holders.

The desk has two large brass carry handles which perfectly match the drawer handles which adorn the large drawer in the base section,

The top fits perfectly onto the base courtesy of brass locater pins which drop into holes allowing a snug fit, the base of the stand has a nice shelf with gallery surround.

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